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Lauren DesPrez

American Author of Novels, Essays, Poetry, Short Stories

Lauren DesPrez American Author

A quote from one of Lauren DesPrez’s works.

About the American Author of Literary Fiction, Young Adult, Children, Short Story, Essay, Articles, Freelance, Memoir, Nonfiction, Mystery, Thriller, Humor, Poetry, Writing

2011 winner of CPI writing award for essay on Mark Twain

About the Author’s Work

The Lifters – Novel – Roger Swope has built a comfortable life as a successful Lifter, someone people go to when they want to die, but he finds his life rearranged, when he is approached for hire by an eight year old girl.

Deviled Eggs – Short Story – Silver Key Award, 2013, Scholastic Writing Awards
Writer’s Block – Short Story – Silver Key Award, 2013, scholastic Writing Awards
The Searcher – Short Story
Anthology of Poetry of Short Stories

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