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Kirstie Jones

British Novelist of Young Adult, Romance and Paranormal genre books Wanted & Trusted

Kirstie Jones Author of the books trusted and wanted

Kirstie Jones Author of the books trusted and wanted

Nationality: British
Type of writing: Novels
Genre: Young Adult, Romance
Other Genre/ Type of writing : Paranormal
About Kirstie Jones: I started writing a couple of years ago and finally self published in September 2012. I’m 41 and live in Weston-super-Mare in the U.K.

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Information about Author Kristie’s books

Wanted Book 1. Kat is a normal 17 year old, or so the thought. She has just discovered that she is a shifter and so are her family. Her life is changing and so is she, into a wolf. ISBN: 9781301743582
Trusted Book 2. With her mate murdered and left pregnant with Twins, Kat tries to re-build her life, but things have never been that easy! ISBN: 9781301794577
I am currently writing a third book in the Forest of Dean Wolves series.

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