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For the readers!

Welcome to Author’s Promoter

At Author’s promoter we are all about getting readers and authors together, making sure you find the books and authors you love is our top priority when it comes to our readers. We are currently producing a number of platforms to help you do this. Our Facebook is also a good place to get to know about authors and this site you are in has information about a number of authors from different countries; take a look around and enjoy.

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A romantic novel by Euro-American Author Deguara CJ, follow Mikki through this love story and figure out for yourself if Only Fools Love! Follow him from teen to adult, from love riddled fool to a womenising monster out to prove that their are no honest women left, a casanova of sorts obsessed with the art of seduction and the empty pleasures of lust. The product of a woman’s deceit when the one he loves betrays him more than once; does he ever find true love?

About Charles J Deguara

Author, entrepreneur, on-line marketing specialist, web publisher, author promoter, reader and well a number of things beyond and between. Visit my website to get to know me better.