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Bex Wild

Bex Wild, British Author of the book Mansworld

Gay Contemporary Fiction book Mansworld written by Bex Wild

Gay Contemporary Fiction book Mansworld written by Bex Wild

Nationality: English

Type of writing: Novels

Other Genre/ Type of writing : Gay comtemporary Fiction

More Info:

About Mansworld a book by author Bex Wild

Danny, an East End-born entrepreneur, recruits six of his gay friends to be his partners for a joint business venture in the countryside. When it all comes to a sudden end, the friends find themselves at the mercy of Franco, a ruthless gangster who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Danny and his friends soon learn that the hardest decisions are the ones which leave you no choice.

Complicating matters, each partner finds that the problems of their present and past have trapped them in place and will not be left behind without a fight. A chance encounter, a hasty decision, and other seemingly innocent events bring the group to a boiling point. And soon, each will find himself on a path he never imagined.

Mansworld takes you on a journey woven with love, sex, family, gangsters, crime and survival. For this group of friends and partners, a painful lesson awaits – your past will decide your future.

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