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Hi there, hope you are well.

If you are on this page you are probably an author, publicist, agent, publisher or a curious individual. Whichever you are, you probably want to know more about our interviews and how to get one. Below we have included some points we like to clarify before people apply for an interview.

  • We simply cannot interview everyone. (Don’t take this personally)
  • We do not charge for interviews. Never – Don’t try bribing us :p
  • We do not read, review or endorse. We want to make sure we ask the questions that a reader considering reading an author’s work would ask.
  • We interview all types of authors: We accept Fiction and Non-Fiction, Traditionally published and Self-Published
  • We generally only accept professionally edited work, alternatively if we like the story especially if it is a memoir, we ask for a sample to review quality.
  • We generally prefer to interview authors with recently released or upcoming work.
  • We do not commit to allowing you to review the interview before it goes live. (We might; however, we do not commit to it.)
  • We do ask questions to help readers decide if they want to read your work.
  • We do not ask trick questions – We want to promote you, not make you look bad.
  • We do allow you to cancel the interview at the end  of it. (At the end of the interview we ask for your permission to publish it.)
  • We do not edit the interviews unless both parties agree, (you and us). We do not paraphrase. All interviews are treated as live.
  • We retain the right to cut, take snippets etc for promoting the interviews. (The interview however is always complete and un-edited)
  • We try to limit the interviews to 1,000 words for text (Chat IM), 10 Minutes for audio, 15 Minutes for audiovisual.
  • We do not commit to send prepared questions. (We want to retain a “live” feel.)
  • We do include a minimum of one link to your web presence. (Website, Author Profile on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Socail Media profile.)

We hope the above gave you a bit of an idea of what we do and don’t do. Now if you are okay with the above and would like to be interviewed simply fill in the form below or email cj (at) authorspromoter (dot) com to get started.



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