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Kate Sermon

Kate Sermon author of the book Dark Sleepers

Author of Dark Sleepers. Kate lives with her husband and 3 children in a ramshackle farmhouse in deepest Devon, UK. As a teenager Kate traipsed the moor imagining herself in some version of Wuthering Heights.

Justin Steckbauer

Justin Steckbauer author and author interviewer

Justin Steckbauer is a Christian and self help blogger on Yahoo! Voices. Justin also interviews new and upcoming authors. He has been published over 200 times in magazines, newspapers and online outlets across the country.

Joe DeRouen

Joe Derouen American Author of the book Small Things

Joe was born in Carthage, Illinois, and currently lives in Rogers, Arkansas with his artist wife Andee, their son Fletcher, and their cats Lucky, Milo, and Camptown.

James Shipley

Books by James Shipley American Author and Chef

American author Chef and Chocolatier. Books Caramel, Sauces, Candies, and Desserts: A Beginners Guide; Chocolate Truffles: A Beginners Guide; The Ahimsa Cookbook ; Bread: A Beginners Guide; The Artisans Cafe Cookbook

Jaime Arias

Photo of Jamie Arias author of the Jacob Rico Series

Born in El Paso to immigrant parents, Jaime F. Arias, Jimmy to family, grew up in Southern New Mexico. After the first 12 years spend in the rancheros of one of the world’s largest pecan farms

Jacqueline Von Zwehl

Jacqueline Von Zwehl American Speaker and Author of the Book The Prayer

American Speaker and Author of the Book The Prayer Insanely In Love with Life, Narrative Non Fiction / Inspirational, Nonfiction, Spiritual, Thirties, Wife, Mom, Speaker & Author

J.E. Shannon

JE Shannon Yound Adult Fiction Author

Awakenings is a YA Supernatural Novel about sisters who are kidnapped by human traffickers. The oldest is murdered and comes back from the grave to get vengeance and to save her sister.

Greg Cummings

Canadian Author of Thriller Novels Greg Cummings

GORILLALAND, Cutting Edge Press, London 2012 – Fast-paced, gripping action adventure set in the Congo jungle
PIRATES, Cutting Edge Press, London 2013 – A terror plot in northern Somalia pits Islamists against Pirates

Gary Kraidman

This is not an image of the Author's book but rather of the subject matter American oil turns into water in his book

ANAEROBE – petro thriller. A group of fanatics threaten to turn a bio weapons against America. If successful our country’s oil will turn to water!
AGE – observations on couples sitting in a diner ranging from twenty to 90 years of age.

Fatimah Jan

Fatimah Jan Author's book cover of the book written world

14 Year old Author of the book Written World The Written World follows Sophie three years after that incident in the toy store. She and four of her siblings are moving after their parents’ passing.