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Let us Promote you!

Author Promotion and Marketing

Dear authors, this website is a project we have recently started as a way to give back to authors, for their hard work and dedication.

Listing in the magazine site is absolutely FREE, however to authors looking for more; we are able to provide a tailor made service to suit your needs. In fact we generally always prefer to start our relationship with the free listing. – Click here to list yourself with us.

Looking for a marketing team and more?

At Author’s Promoter we provide our services to both traditionally published and self published authors, however we do specialise more in the needs of self-published authors. We fill in the gaps left by self-publishing. When an author self publishes they miss out on a number of services that are provided by the traditional publishing houses including industry knowledge. Many miss out on opportunities which are often only provided to traditionally published authors; this includes a myriad of things ranging from specialised publicity, red carpet invitations, TV opportunities, radio interviews, availability of their books in traditional brick and mortar stores and more.


What are you missing? We fill in the gaps

How would you like to have a marketing team including a strategist, a publicist (print, radio, TV), a sales person, a graphic artist, phone sales rep, event organiser, merchandising specialist, an online marketing specialist and more working for you at a budget you can afford? We offer this service from as little as $250 per month. It is simple; we fill in the gaps.

So how do we start?

We feel that to truly get behind an author there are some initial steps that need to be done; for this reason we always start with an engagement pack.

So what do you get in this engagement pack?

  • First step we buy and read your book.
  • We will thoroughly review your book, and post our review on a number of sites to increase your exposure.
    – Amazon
    – Goodreads
    – Author’s Promoter
    – + A number of niche sites relevant to your book.
  • Feedback document that covers pointers about plot line, marketability, quality, grammar and more.
  • A marketing strategy document for your book.
  • A one hour consultation tele-meeting.
  • A Video Interview for promotion.

Price for the Engagement Pack – $599 Currently Reduced to $495

What happens after the Engagement Pack?

Well, after the engagement pack we will sit and have a chat with you, look over your marketing strategy together and forge a way forward. At this point based on your needs we will make staff members available to you.

Each author has custom needs, this is why what happens next will depend a lot on you. Depending on your needs we are here to help you achieve your goals. You will have one main point of contact who will help you as required based on your strategy, this ranges from setting up interviews for you, negotiating contracts with retailers, sourcing editors, procurement, coaching you and making sure you stick to plan as well as general PA work.

Term: We do not believe in locking you down with us for a year contract, which is why we normally work with a one month upfront deposit, should you ever want to leave us; (you won’t :P) you can go ahead and advise us and the deposit will be used for one final month of service.


Get in touch with us – at Author’s Promoter

Alternatively email cj@authorspromoter.com and we will follow up with you via email.


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