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Dear Author,

I; like you am an author, I have dedicated my time to being able to help other authors promote themselves. Inclusion in the magazine is free and a great way in which an author can gain exposure to potential readers. Fill in the form below and we will enter you into the site, the more information you give us to work with the better! Readers want to get to know you and your work!

We also select a number of authors to include in our print magazines (launching in June), these are distributed for free in a number of hotels around the world and should provide some excellent exposure for authors.

At Author’s Promoter we have put a team together to be able to help authors in unleashing their full potential, our team is made up of the same parts you would expect to find in a large publishing house, this includes a marketing/strategy team, online marketing specialist, publisher, events co-ordinator, sales, copy and development editor, graphic artist etc, based on your situation we make the different members of the team available to you as support. (Our team deals mainly with independent authors, however this does not preclude traditionally published authors from using our services; our services are open to all authors and even a large publishing house can benefit from using our team during the hectic times of book launches, or when an author needs an added boost.) For more info and to get in touch visit the Let Us Promote You page.

Kind Regards

Deguara CJ

Alternatively email me at cj@authorspromoter.com – make sure to send me all the required details as without them I cannot post your page online and will have to focus on uploading authors for whom I have complete details.

Click the following if you are Interested in having a team of professionals promote and market your book! 


  1. Callum Espley Clegg

    You can find any of the books from the Athena’s descendants on Amazon and Waterstones online. You can find them in the store section of the Athena’s descendants website (www.athenasdescendants.com/store) Hope you like them.

  2. Ivy Love Brown

    Free poetry @ my website’s bookstore.

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