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Character Promotion

Let readers meet your characters first!

We are doing something awesome; we want you to be a part of it! We all know that people fall in love with well crafted characters with great stories!
As authors we fall in love with our characters and so do our readers. This is why we want to display your characters in an awesome way! We want to let readers browse through characters and find characters they want to read more about! Be part of the magic!

A specially designed and developed website has been built for this purpose, we have decided that we will launch the site to the public when we hit 500 characters! Or June 30th whichever comes first. – So far we have received

characters from authors, so we are near certain 500 will come first but we needed a date!

Quick! First 500 Characters Get in FREE

If you need any help, drop us a line on chat. We will be in touch via email once you submit your character. Ps it is ok to be cheeky and submit more than one character, we won’t get angry! If they are from the same book they will be interlinked! Just add a note in the about the character section of the form.

  • Bette A. Stevens

    I just submitted the main character in my soon to be released (June 2013) short story: ‘PURE TRASH, The Story’ by Bette A. Stevens. I left my amazon author page as a link and thought you might need my email address: Your ‘Character Promotion’ idea sounds awesome and I hope that you’ll include my main character, Shawn Daniels, a nine-year-old boy. Thanks, Bette

    • CJ Deguara

      Hi Bette, actually I temporarily shelved – Characters World, due to time & financial restraints … will however be getting back on it soon enough. I do apologize to everyone for the delay … I do believe the concept will work and offer readers something awesome – however it all takes time and effort. Anyone interested in giving a hand — it would be much appreciated.