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Type of Writing

Abe Kobo

Japanese Author Abe Koke, Kobo, Kimifusa

Japanese writer, Playwright, Novelist, Poet, Short Story Writer Kōbō Abe was Born 7 March 1924 and Died 22 January 1993 (aged 68) Abe Kobo, Best known for his surreal, often nightmarish explorations of individuals in contemporary society Abe Kobo experimented with various radical artistic and social concepts. Abe formed part …

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Abbey Edward

Photo of Edward Abbey author, fiction, non-fiction, novelist, anthologist and letter writer.

American Author, Fiction, non-Fiction Novelist, Letter Writer and Anthologies Fiction Novels by Edward Abbey Jonathan Troy (1954) (ISBN 1-131-40684-2) The Brave Cowboy (1956) (ISBN 0-8263-0448-6) Fire on the Mountain (1962) (ISBN 0-8263-0457-5) Black Sun (1971) (ISBN 0-88496-167-2) The Monkey Wrench Gang (1975) (ISBN 0-397-01084-2) Good News (1980) (ISBN 0-525-11583-8) The …

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Abasıyanık Sait Faik

Turkish Author, Novelist, Short Story Writer and Poet Short Stories by Abasıyanık Sait Faik Semaver (The Tea Urn) 1936, Sarnıç (The Fountain) 1939, Şahmerdan (The Serpent) 1940, Lüzumsuz Adam (The Unnecessary Man) 1948, Mahalle Kahvesi (The Café House) 1950, Havada Bulut (Cloud in the Sky) 1951, Kumpanya (The Circus) 1951, Havuz …

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Abad Faciolince Héctor

Columbian, Novelist, essayist, journalist and Editor Books by Héctor Abad Faciolince Malos Pensamientos (1991) Asuntos de un Hidalgo Disoluto (1994; Eng. The Joy of Being Awake, 1996) Tratado de Culinaria para Mujeres Tristes (1996; t: Cookbook for Sad Women) Fragmentos de Amor Furtivo (1998; t: Fragments of Furtive Love) Basura (2000; …

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