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Patricia Reid

Patricia Reid

Book Interview: Flying With The Rich And Famous Getting To Know The Author: Patricia Reid Isaac: Today I’m happy to introduce Patricia Reid and interview her about her book: Flying with the Rich and Famous: True Stories from the Flight Attendant who flew with them. Patricia, how are you doing? Patricia Reid: Very Well, thank… Read More »

Amy Susan Crohn

Amy Susan Crohn author of Dying to Live

Book Interview: Dying to Live: Running backwards through cancer, Lupus and chronic illness Interview with Amy Susan Crohn about: Dying to Live Charles Author’s Promoter: Please welcome Amy Susan Crohn author of Dying to Live: Running backwards through cancer, Lupus and chronic illness. HI Amy, how are you today? Amy Susan Crohn: I’m well. Thank… Read More »

Kelly Meister

American Author Kelly Meister author of the book Crazy Critter Lady

Kelly Meister is a writer, animal photographer, and potter. She shares her life with four cats, eight ducks, and a barn full of ornery horses.

Raven Taylor

If I Fall Back Down by Raven Taylor

British Author of Novels, Poetry and Short Stories Latest work If I Fall Back Down (a Punk Rock Love Story)

Michael Essington

Book cover of Last One to Die by Michael Essington

Growing up during the early years of the Los Angeles punk rock scene has spent the better half of a decade writing about the key players and the major shows from this era

David P Perlmutter

Photo of David P Perlmutter author of the book Wrong Place Wrong Time

Wrong Place Wrong Time: A true story which is based on my trip to Spain, where after saving two lives from a hotel fire, I am wrongly arrested for arson and manslaughter.

Andrea Gardiner

Guinea Pig For Breakfast British Author Andrea Gardiner

Andrea Gardiner British Author Genre: Memoir Best Work so far: Guinea Pig for Breakfast About Andrea Gardiner’s work – Guinea Pig for Breakfast Guinea Pig for Breakfast. A memoir about my first four years in Ecuador working as a volunteer doctor. This is the remarkable true story of a young British doctor who travels to… Read More »

Niki Smart

Niki Smart British Author Singer Songwriter Yoga Teacher

British Author for Magazines, Novels and Screenplays (Grew up in South Africa) About the Author: Niki Smart Niki Smart lives in Laguna Beach, California, where she works part-time at a youth shelter for emotionally disturbed teenagers. She is also a yoga teacher and runs a yoga retreat center on the weekends This is Niki Smart’s… Read More »

Albert Susan Wittig

Photo of Albert Susan Wittig, Novelist, non-fiction works and short story writer

American Novelist, Short Story Writer, Mystery Writer Susan Wittig Albert was Born 2 January 1940 (age 72) and at the time of post is still alive. Originally a Full time English professor and administrator at a University Susan left her occupation in 1985 to become a full time novelist. She has written well over 60… Read More »

Adivar Halide Edip

image of Adivar Halide Turkish Author and Feminist leader best known for her feminist novels.

Turkish Novelist, Playwright, Short Story Writer Halide Edip Adivar was Born in 1884 and Died 9 January 1964 (aged 80). Best known for being a feminist political leader, her best known novels generally criticized the low social status of Turkish women and also the apathy of most women with regards to changing their situation. Memoirs… Read More »