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Justin Steckbauer

Justin Steckbauer author and author interviewer

Justin Steckbauer is a Christian and self help blogger on Yahoo! Voices. Justin also interviews new and upcoming authors. He has been published over 200 times in magazines, newspapers and online outlets across the country.

Enzo Pittari

Enzo Pittari Venezuelan Author of Short Stories and more

Doctorate student in Social Sciences & Humanities, at Universidad Simón Bolivar. Venezuelan Author of anual para el más allá. Ed. Memorias de Altagracia.

Arkay Evans

Photo of Arkay Evans author of a Woman of Purpose

African American author of Women’s Empowerment and Personal Development About the African American Author Arkay Evans I am a author, performance poet, event consultant and clinical counselor for women and young adults. I’ve learned the art of ‘Leadership from Within’ from my work with dogs, especially my brilliant dog, Kacy. About Arkay Evans written work… Read More »

Lauren DesPrez

Lauren DesPrez American Author

American Author of Novels, Essays, Poetry, Short Stories About the American Author of Literary Fiction, Young Adult, Children, Short Story, Essay, Articles, Freelance, Memoir, Nonfiction, Mystery, Thriller, Humor, Poetry, Writing 2011 winner of CPI writing award for essay on Mark Twain About the Author’s Work The Lifters – Novel – Roger Swope has built a… Read More »

Nigel Ross

Combat Identity Theft Nigel Ross British Author

British Author of Novels and Essays focusing on Combatting Identity Theft About Nigel Ross British Author of ID Theft Scams and Solutions Passionate Identity Theft Expert writing Ebooks and Thrillers. About Nigel Ross’s Company The company was established to counter act Identity Theft at all levels, and in all mediums to give education to other… Read More »

Bill Westbrook

Bill Westbrook british Author of Beyond Deceit

British Author of novels, essays and poetry About Bill Westbrook Bill Westbrook writes fiction and poetry, and is also a talented performer/ singer/ composer. During his forty years in the entertainment Industry, Bill has performed more than four thousand engagements, including two Jerry Lewis Telethons and several Easter Seal Telethons. He currently produces shows for… Read More »

Tricia L. McDonald

Tricia L. McDonald promoted american author of short stories and essays

American Author of essays and Short Stories   About Tricia L. McDonald “As a writing coach, I work with authors while they write their books. I see the amount of time and energy they put into writing and rewriting and rewriting. I watch them as they develop their characters in a novel, or put their… Read More »

Nath Jones

Nath Jones Author of On Impulse

American Author of Novels, Essays and Short Stories About Nath Jones nominee for the Best New American Voices 2010. Best New American Voices nominee Nath Jones received an MFA in creative writing from Northwestern University. Her publishing credits include PANK Magazine, There Are No Rules, and Sailing World. She lives and writes in Chicago. Written… Read More »

Albee Edward

Phot of Edward Albee author playwright and essayist

American Playwright, Essayist Edward Albee was born 12 March 1928 (age 84) and at the time of the post is still alive. Edward Albee is best known for “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?” Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf is a play by Edward Albee featuring Uta Hagen, Arthur Hill, Melinda Dillon and George Grizzard; directed… Read More »

Adams Douglas

Photo of Adams Douglas British author of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

British Writer, Novelist, Screen Writer, Playwright Douglas Adams was Born 11 March 1952 and Died 11 May 2001 (aged 49). Douglas Adams is a well known British author, his most popular works are The hithchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, Monty Python’s Flying circus and the Salmon of doubt. Science Fiction, Playwright works by Douglas Adams… Read More »