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Joey Zook

Seeking Agent Joey Zook

The Persecuted. this is about three kids, living in a society that is lazy about getting information, getting kidnapped and forced to take a shot that is deffective giving the kids powers and giving them a slight tinge of camo skin.

Jim Akers

Jim Akers One Soldier's Story

American author; historical, military and comedy. About Jim Akers Jim Akers is a vietnam veteran and a retired professional photographer. Works by Author Jim Akers Jim Akers has written the following works listed below for you to enjoy. One Soldiers Story One Soldiers Story is a short story about my time in the Vietnam War,… Read More »

Aciman Andre

Aciman Andre Egyptian Author, essayist, memoire writer, novelist - Born 1951

Egyptian Novelist, Essayist, Literary Theorist, Mémoire Writer Andre Aciman was Born 2 January 1951 and is at the time of this post still alive. Essays by Andre Aciman False papers: essays on exile and memory (2000) Memoirs by André Aciman Out of Egypt (1995) In Depth view of Proust’s work The Proust Project (2004) Novels… Read More »

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot

Author Abbott John Stevens Cabot

American Historian, Religious writer, Biographies, Inspirational works. John Stevens Cabot Abbott was born 19 September 1805 and Died 17 June 1877 (aged 71) John Stevens Cabot Abbott is best known as the author of History of Napoleon Bonaparte (1855) The History of Napoleon Bonaparte recounts various elements and episodes in Napoleon’s career. Inspirational Religious works… Read More »