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Becky Barton

Photo of Becky barton Author of the story Wicked Self-righteousness

a writer of almost all styles. The only things I have not touched, and probably never will, are science ficiton and fantasy. I absolutely love a challenge; if it can’t be written, watch me try!

Ashley Hotter

Photo of Author of Novels and short stories such as A Filly for Laura by Ashley Hotter

Ashley Hotter author of the book A Filly for Laura lives in Montana on a farm with her husband, Ricky, and two daughters, Jacey and Rosalie. On her farm she raises cattle, hogs, and goats.

Yolanda Hughes

Brown Shugar by Yolanda Hughes

BrownShugar is a tale of Cherise Brown who, at the age if 18 years old was brutally ganged raped in her neighborhood but goes on to become a successful mother to her four year old daughter Stormy.

April Margeson

April Margeson American Author of Literary Fiction Young Adult Science Fiction Fantasy Short Story Romance Horror Spiritual Poetry

April Margeson American Author of Novels, Short Stories & Poetry Type of writing: Novels, Poetry, Short Stories Genre: Literary Fiction, Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Short Story, Romance, Horror, Spiritual, Poetry Best Work so far: Random Scribbles About April Margeson I live in TH with my family. I always write no matter what. April Margeson… Read More »

Anne Griffith

Anne Griffith American Author

Anne Griffith Nationality: American Type of writing: Novels Genre: Literary Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Horror Other Genre/ Type of writing : Conspiracy, Medical thriller Best Work so far: Mortal Gods About : Anne Griffith Anne Griffith has served the State of New Mexico as an Emergency Medical Technician for the past 5 years. She has worked… Read More »

A V Griffin

American Author and Reviewer AV Griffin

American Author of Novels, Poetry and Short Stories About A V Griffin Works Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy Best Work so far: The Demon Rolmar The Demon Rolmar Rolmar – a heartless and misanthropic demon – serves as one of the three overlords of Pentar, a planet in the Amenis dimension. You wouldn’t want to meet… Read More »

Joey Zook

Seeking Agent Joey Zook

The Persecuted. this is about three kids, living in a society that is lazy about getting information, getting kidnapped and forced to take a shot that is deffective giving the kids powers and giving them a slight tinge of camo skin.

Emily Kinney

Emily Kinney author of The Island of Lote

Emily Kinney – American Author Type of writing: Novels Genre: Literary Fiction, Young Adult, Children About Emily Kinney’s Written Works The Island of Lote – A YA romantic comedy about a teenage girl who gets stranded on a tropical island and accidentally engaged to a local boy due to miscommunication. When she learns about her… Read More »

Arkay Evans

Photo of Arkay Evans author of a Woman of Purpose

African American author of Women’s Empowerment and Personal Development About the African American Author Arkay Evans I am a author, performance poet, event consultant and clinical counselor for women and young adults. I’ve learned the art of ‘Leadership from Within’ from my work with dogs, especially my brilliant dog, Kacy. About Arkay Evans written work… Read More »

Lauren DesPrez

Lauren DesPrez American Author

American Author of Novels, Essays, Poetry, Short Stories About the American Author of Literary Fiction, Young Adult, Children, Short Story, Essay, Articles, Freelance, Memoir, Nonfiction, Mystery, Thriller, Humor, Poetry, Writing 2011 winner of CPI writing award for essay on Mark Twain About the Author’s Work The Lifters – Novel – Roger Swope has built a… Read More »