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Book Marketing Strategy Document

Why you need a marketing strategy for your book.

Like any product, a book requires a well thought out marketing strategy. The marketing strategy for your book helps you identify your target audience and develop a strategy on how to reach them. Furthermore a marketing strategy will evaluate your competition as well as other elements that may effect your efforts as author. The marketing strategy gives you a plan to work with for both short term and long term efforts for your book and also as an author.

The marketing strategy helps develop your “brand”.

What to expect in our Book Marketing Strategy Document

Book Analysis: This section will give you insight into what others see when they read your book, it will highlight strengths of your book as well as give a short synopsis of the story. It is effectively an in-depth review of your book. (length of book, quality etc.) What needs does the book satisfy for a reader, why would they read it? Why would they tell their friends about it? The book analysis is an evaluation of your product.

Target Audience: This section identifies the target audience for your book, identifying the types of readers that would be most likely to read your book and why. Furthermore we create a reader profile based on the target audience identified, this allows us to know more about your potential reader as well as identifying clear reasons as to why a particular type of reader would purchase and read your book.  (Age, sex, career, income, residence, location, ethnicity, interests, education, marital status, lifestyle).

Distribution Channel: This section looks at where your book is currently being sold and where else it could be sold. Depending on the route you took to publishing you may have a very large distribution channel or a small one; your  book may be available on Amazon but not on Barnes and Noble, it may be available in electronic format but not in hard copy, it may be available in a few traditional brick and mortar stores or only online. We will evaluate your distribution channel and also present you with options to increase your distribution channel. As an example you may have written an erotic novel, which could allow you to enter adult retail outlet online/offline. You may have written a great advice book about training dogs, you may be able to extend your distribution channel to pet-shops; both online and offline. In certain cases it is also possible to setup a network of places where your book can be sold without being physically present; this can be achieved by affiliate sales or by-order.

Profitability: Based on the publishing route you took, your profit margin allows us to do different things with your marketing strategy and for this reason we must evaluate your profitability and if there is anyway of increasing that. Your margin on your book can range from a 10% royalty to a 50%+ profit margin. (A truly self-published author makes more than just a royalty click here to learn more) This is something we evaluate and suggest alternative routes to improve your profitability or at least increase your flexibility. As an example; there is no way that with a 10% margin you can provide your book to a third party to sell, as even giving them the full 10% would normally not be worth their time/shelf space to stock your book.

Presence: We will evaluate your current presence (mainly online), your website, social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) etc, we will also discuss with you to understand where else you have presence, what communities you are involved in, where you graduated, (would your alumni department or school magazine feature you?), radio, TV, local newspapers. We will evaluate where you are at this moment and come up with a strategy of WHERE you could and SHOULD be PRESENT to improve your reach and influence.

Budget: Based on your profit margin, current sales based on your current efforts and expected increase in sales we will devise a budget that is realistic and sensible, furthermore the budget is completely relative to the amount of sales an income you generate, this is important regardless if we are marketing and advertising your work or you are. As an example if you have a 10% royalty; a book priced at $10 and you sell 500 copies a month, your income = $500 Your marketing budget has to be relative. If you have  a $15 book with a 30% margin and you sell 1,000 copies per month, your income = $4,500 this would allow you to allocate a larger budget. We will base your budget on these elements. Initial budgets will also effect your long term marketing budgets; if you start with a small campaign you can only expect a few sales thus your profits will only give you a small amount to re-invest we will work with you and budget based on your particular circumstance.

Strategy: Based on the information obtained, we will create a strategy for you and your book. You are free to implement this strategy yourself or as always we are here to help you. The strategy will include a check list of things to do in the near future and long term; a custom guide and plan for you and your work.

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