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Abbott Edwin A.

British Author, Novels, Novellas, Theology, Philology, Religious romances.

Edwin A. Abbott was Born 20 December 1838 and Died 12 October 1926 (aged 87).

Edwin A. Abbott is Best known for the Novella Flatland

Whilst the novella Flatland often dubbed as science fiction is an excellent work; it is to be noted that it is not quite science fiction.

Other Notable works by Abbott Edwin A.

St Thomas of Canterbury, his Death and Miracles (1898),
Life of Francis Bacon (1885)
The Kernel and the Husk(1886),
Philomythus (1891),
The Anglican Career of Cardinal Newman (1892),
Article “The Gospels” in the ninth edition of the Encyclop√¶dia Britannica


Anonymously Published religious romances by Edwin A. Abbott

Philochristus (1891),
Onesimus (1882),
Silanus the Christian (1908).

Shakespearian Grammar & related philological works by Abbott Edwin A.

Shakespearian Grammar (1870) is a permanent contribution to English philology.
Johannine Vocabulary (1905),
Johannine Grammar(1906).

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