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Abasıyanık Sait Faik

Turkish Author, Novelist, Short Story Writer and Poet

Short Stories by Abasıyanık Sait Faik

Semaver (The Tea Urn) 1936,
Sarnıç (The Fountain) 1939,
Şahmerdan (The Serpent) 1940,
Lüzumsuz Adam (The Unnecessary Man) 1948,
Mahalle Kahvesi (The Café House) 1950,
Havada Bulut (Cloud in the Sky) 1951,
Kumpanya (The Circus) 1951,
Havuz Başı (The Poolside) 1952,
Son Kuşlar (The Last Birds),
Alemdağ’da Var Bir Yılan (There is a Snake in Alemdağ) 1953,
Az Şekerli (Just a Bit of Sugar) 1954

Novels by Abasıyanık Sait Faik

Bir Takım Insanlar (A Set of People) 1944,
Kayıp Aranıyor (Wanted) 1953

Poetry by Abasıyanık Sait Faik

Şimdi Sevişme Vakti (Now, It is Time for Love) 1953

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  • Zenia

    Good job!! We are proud of you!!!!

  • Evergreen

    Well written and I like how this young author describes the scenes. I can really imagine being in the story with the way this story is written.

  • Nadia

    good job!!!

  • Nadia

    excellent! still can’t believe this is a work of a 14 year old. keep it up girl. good luck.

  • Happy Bird

    I love this kind of story,I could feel the emotions very well described…. as I read along…..

  • Angelique

    Very well written. Very imaginative.

  • Maria Felicidad

    Wholesome story indeed.. Excellent !!!!

  • Andrilit

    Love it

  • Janice

    what a great story and imagination from a very young author. your family must be very proud of you. such a very creative mind. you should be an inspiration to many young kids. it is best to express in writing or other forms of art instead of doing bad things. excellent!!!

  • Urvee

    “He smiled that crooked smile that……..” by the way fatima this sentence is from twilight saga
    these are stephenie’s favourite & most used words.

    • Fatimah Jan

      I’m sorry but I never read twilight just watched the first movie. I only wanted to show that she loves him even though he has imperfections and that he’s not totally perfect. Through that she still likes him. I never read the books so for that I couldn’t have taken it from her.

      • Urvee

        ohh i’m sorry. I really didn’t knew this. sorry if you felt bad :)

        • Fatimah Jan

          I just wanted to clear things up so there weren’t any misunderstanding

          • Urvee

            yea u r ri8

  • Sam mayekar

    All the best….!!

  • Urvee

    wow…this made me think deeper..
    all d best !

  • Funny Me

    I really enjoy reading the story all over again, and I love it. Congratulations to you young writer at 14.

  • Jenny

    Good job. Great story

  • Charlie

    Well written story young lady. You can be such an inspiration to many aspiring young writers. Keep it up. Excellent!

  • Debby

    Excellent story from a very young author!!!

  • Defender

    I love how this story runs. The author at her very young age is very inspiring. The story is not boring at all. Excellent!

  • Funny Me

    a beautiful story. blessings to you young writer.

  • Funny Me

    An imagination put into writing. Amazing story.Too young a writer!!!!!.

  • CSS

    Fantastic! Good job girl.

  • MR

    Job well done. Keep up the good work.

  • Anna

    Such a great story from a very young author. The story has a very inspiring theme.

  • J.N.

    It is so amazing to think that a young author can write a story like this. Excellent job. Keep writing and continue to inspire other people.

  • Joy

    Beautifully written story. I am so proud of how you are able to write such a story.

  • Pinky

    beautiful. i want to read more.

  • mlm

    very nice!!!

  • Pem Parcon

    a wonderful piece from a young author,keep it up and more power…..

  • dale vergott

    Excellent writing…what an imagination! Keep writing Fatima.

  • S.U.J.

    Excellent story written by a very young author.

  • Jack

    This is a very absorbing and imaginative story. It is just like I am watching a movie when I was reading the story. It has very mature thoughts coming from a very young author.

  • One Cure

    What an imaginative young author. It makes me feel everything like I am also in the story when I read. Excellent.

  • World of Love

    You are such a very talented author. I cannot imagine how a teenager your age could come up with such a story. Awesome talent like a PRO!

  • Jackie

    I love the story!!! Excellent.

  • Jackie

    This is a very imaginative author. The story is very different from the usual stories out there. Very good.

  • Balandjing Mercado Cauilan

    awesome story :-)

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    well written story.

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    Amazing imagination !

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    Beautiful story

  • Jr

    Never give up inspiring lesson

  • Leo


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    Sensational story

  • Wave

    Teaches many things

  • Wave

    Sensational book told a great story

  • Wooooooooooman

    GOOD JOB !!!

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  • Amazing

    Best story I read so far

  • AmazingReader


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    Awesome nice!!!

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    That was incredible !!!!

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    Very good job from a young author 😉

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    A good mix of a teen’s wild imaginations with a writing skills of a pro. A good read.

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    A lovely story from a very talented young author…. Keep up the good work!!!

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    crazy beautiful! it totally brings me to another world reading your stories!

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