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Alatli Alev

Turkish Economist, Philosopher, Columnist, Novelist

Photo of Alatli Alev Turkish Author Economist Philosopher Columnist

Alatli Alev Turkish Author Economist Philosopher Columnist, most of her writing and notable works are philosophical nature with a touch of an economists view.

Alev Alatli was Born in 1944 and at the time of this post is still alive. Best known for a number of Philosophical works and her Novella “The Torturer”.

Novels by Alev Alatli

Aydin Despotizmi…, Alfa Basim Yayim Dagitim (1982)
Yaseminler Tüter mi Hala?, Everest Yayinlari (1985)
Iskenceci (1987)
Viva la Muerte! – Yasasin Ölüm! – Or’da Kimse Var mi? 1. Kitap, Everest Yayinlari (1992)
’Nuke’ Türkiye!- Or’da Kimse Var mi? 2. Kitap, Everest Yayinlari (1993)
Valla, Kurda Yedirdin Beni! – Or’da Kimse Var mi? 3. Kitap, Everest Yayinlari (1993)
O.K. Musti! Türkiye Tamamdir. – Or’da Kimse Var mi? 4. Kitap, Alfa Basim Yayim Dagitim (1994)
Kabus – Schrödinger’in Kedisi 1. Kitap, Everest Yayinlari (1999)
Rüya – Schrödinger’in Kedisi 2. Kitap, Everest Yayinlari (2000)
Aydinlanma Degil, Merhamet! – Gogol’ün Izinde 1. Kitap, Everest Yayinlari (2004)
Dünya Nöbeti – Gogol’ün Izinde 2. Kitap, Everest Yayinlari (2005)
Eyy Uhnem! Eyy Uhnem! – Gogol’ün Izinde 3. Kitap, Everest Yayinlari (2006)
Hollywood’u Kapattigim Gün, Everest Yayinlari (2009)
Aklin Yolu da Bir Degildir… , Destek Yayinlari (2009)

Non Fictional Books by Alev Alatli

Simdi Degilse, Ne zaman?, Zaman Kitap (2003)
‘Hayir!’ Diyebilmeli Insan, Zaman Kitap (2005)

Poems by Alev Alatli

Eylül ’98 (1998)

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